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  • Marielle Franco No Justice No Peace Ankara Sweater


    Marielle Franco No Justice No Peace Ankara Sweater

    This hand made sweater is emblazoned with the face of Marielle Franco an activist who opposed the corruption that plagued Rio’s military and political elite.

    Marielle was an activist raised in the Mare favela in Rio de Janeiro.

    Favelas, if you don’t know, are the equivalent of the hood or the project or whatever you call the “no-go” section of your city. Mare, like any other favela in Rio, was marked by gang violence and police repression. It was thanks to community efforts that Marielle was able to fund her education, paving a new history for herself and her family. 

    On March 14th 2018 Marielle and her driver, Anderson Gomes, were shot and killed by two former military police. Years later we still demand answers and justice for Marielle and Anderson!