Marielle Franco: No Justice No Peace

No Justice No Peace || Yogzi Art

“How many more will die for this war to end”

-Marielle Franco 

March 13th 2018

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Marielle Franco was a well known activist that was raised in the Mare favela of Rio de Janeiro. Favelas, if you don’t know, are Brazil’s equivalent of the “projects” or the “hood” or whatever you call the “no-go area” of your city. 

Marielle was one of the few that slipped through the cracks in the statistics and rose to a position of power in politics. She was the voice of her people and she was silenced was silenced by the organization that was meant to protect them. 

Mare Favela

Mare, like any and every favela in Rio, is in the crosshairs of corrupt cops, their clandestine militias and the drug dealers. Social projects and community associations often work together to mitigate the collateral damage in any way they can. They fight for resources like food baskets, cleaning supplies, and access to tutors and career training. 

They fight to take kids like Marielle and prepare them for the college exams when underfunded public schools couldn’t, and they continue to fight for financial aid for kids like Marielle to ensure they can complete their education.

Thanks to an educational grant from the Mare community, Marielle graduated with a degree in politics.  After graduation she took a job with Marcelo Freixo that involved investigating cases of massacres and political executions, as well as providing legal and psychological support to families. Needless to say these weren’t exactly safe topics for a young, gay black woman to be investing, but she was  unapologetic in her crusade for what was right. She fought for the families of so many victims until she was taken from us.

On March 14th 2018, Marielle and her driver, Anderson Gomes, were shot and killed by two former military police. Thousands of people took to the streets across Brazil to demand justice. Years later, the crime is still under investigation.

Art and Education: Marielle Franco’s Legacy

The No Justice No Peace Ankara sweaters are hand made with Ankara fabric to create a unique look. Each fabric design can only be found in limited quantities, so once it’s sweaters are gone they’re gone forever!

The last step in these custom creations was figuring out what to print to match the purple and gold Ankara sleeves! With the help of Yogzi, an artist from the jiu jitsu community, we were able to produce this amazing recreation of Marielle Franco for our No Justice No Peace drop.

Make Your Style Matter

Marielle Franco Institute in Brazil

Instituto Marielle Franco is a non-profit organization, created by Marielle’s family, with the mission of inspiring, connecting and empowering black, LGBTQIA+ and peripheral women to continue moving the structures of society for a more just and egalitarian world. 

The institute is an independent and open organization, created by Marielle’s family with 4 central pillars of action: fighting for justice, defending memory, multiplying the legacy and watering Marielle’s seeds.

You can visit their site and sign up to make a one time or a recurring donation and join the group of people who are fighting to cultivate the impact of the Marielle Franco Institute!

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