Karine Chueng: The Woman Behind BJJ Cria

Karine Chueng e Isaque Bahiense || BJJ Cria

All Photo Credit: Karine Chueng | BJJ CRIA

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Y’all heard about BJJ CRIA right?!?

If you haven’t, then it’s to tap into the BEST BJJ content of 2021. Karine Chueng is the mastermind behind the hardest hitting BJJ Reels of the year. In less than a year BJJ Cria gained over 80k followers on Instagram and has also produced content and you may have noticed she was working with us for awhile to produce content from Rio’s favelas during lockdown!

BJJ Cria Wins BJJ Stars Award

On December 17th 2021 BJJ Stars, the top BJJ promotion in Brazil, held an awards ceremony to honor the best athletes, coaches, refs, commentators, and press. Naturally, Karine took home the award for Best BJJ media of the year!

On top of growing her own Instagram page to over 80k followers, she has worked with other major organizations like Dream Art, BJJ Stars, and was even hired as the still photographer during the filming of the Black Belt Movie.

“I still have a lot to improve at @bjjcria but this is a phrase that helps me a lot is: Better done than perfect! If a project starts out perfect, it started late.There’s nothing better than taking an idea you have off paper, and letting your own practice guide you. It’s an endless process, and sometimes all I wanted was more time, because 24 hours isn’t enough. There are no words to thank all the people who voted for me, and everyone who I worked with in the Jiu Jitsu media that opened the doors for me to be here too.”

Meet Karine Chueng

During the ADCC South American trials we caught up with Karine and forced her to show her face IN FRONT of the camera! 

Karine Chueng, Samambaia, Leandro || Favela Jiu Jitsu x BJJ Cria

Check out this interview to find out what inspired her to start producing content for the BJJ community.

Available with English subtitles!

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