How to ask for sponsorship in jiu-jitsu


So You Need Money to Compete?

The key to getting sponsorship is making sure that you approach people the right way.
It’s never good to go around asking for money out of nowhere. Make an effort to identify people that may be able to help you with your goals and introduce yourself before you even need anything.
When it’s time to ask for money, make sure to approach people professionally with all the information they need to know.

Before asking for help make sure to answer the following questions:

How much do you need?
When do you need it by?
What do you need it for?

Normal competition expenses include:


Transportation (bus and/or plane)


Or you might need monthly support with things like:



Personal training

Physical therapy

Don’t expect them to know and don’t expect them to go out of their way to find out.

Let sponsors know exactly what you need and what you already have.

Sometimes You Have to Fail to Find Help!

You might not be able to find a sponsor right away so you have to be willing to put in the work yourself! When people see that you are working AND fundraising AND training AND traveling AND doing everything you can, they are more likely to co-sign your dream.

It’s also important to understand that not every sponsorship will come from a formal company or fulfill ALL of your needs. Some people may only be willing to donate a little bit of money, but other people might be willing to buy you a ticket or they might know a place where you can stay for free.

Similarly, if someone knows that you already have a plane ticket and a place to stay, they might be more willing to help you finish off your fundraising knowing that you’ve already worked hard to secure a lot of money already.

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