Favela on Top at Abu Dhabi Grand Slam London

Grand Slam London

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This past weekend, the Copper Box Arena in London opened for the first time in 2 years for 2 major events. 

The 2021-2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu Jitsu World Tour was a highly anticipated event that closed registrations early after reaching maximum capacity. Amongst the competitors were a large number of top athletes like Guilherme Rocha, Erich Munis, Nathalie Ribeiro, Tommy Langaker, Gabrieli Pessanha, Yara Soares Nascimento, Julia Alves, Ana Rodriguez and many, many more.

King of the Mats

On Saturday March 18th, before the tour, was the 10th edition of the King of The Mats! Athletes were selected based on their past performance on the mats as well as their capacity to be role models OFF THE MATS. Six athletes competed in a round robin format for the prize of 10 thousand dollars and the Middle weight title (up to 85k).

Athletes from the Projects showed out with Uanderson Ferreira from Commando Group taking 1st and Natan Chueng from PSLPB Cicero Costha coming in second after being defeated by Tommy Langaker.

Social Projects Dominate the Podium

On the 19th, 568 competitors from 46 different countries packed the Copper-Box Arena.The competition was an important opportunity for athletes to rise in the rankings. 1st place is awarded 3,000 points, 2,4000 for second place and 1,8000 for third, in addition to a cash prize up to US $225,000.

Despite the pandemic, athletes from social projects showed up in full force! Among them were Uanderson Ferreira, Nathan Chueng, Lucas Galberto, Fabricio Andrey , Mathias do Galo, Francisco Andrade, Gutemberg Pereira, Gabrieli Pesanha, Maria Claudia, Julia Alves and Yara Soares.

Gabrieli Pessanha, Maria Claudia | AJP tour London



Yuri Hendrex won the final fight as a Professional Lightweight Featherweight (Under 56KG) black belt. Brenda Larissa snatched the gold medal from her opponent by points in the final of the Professional Bantamweight Brown/Black Belt (Under 49KG).

Meyram Maquine took a 7 point lead in the Black Belt Featherweight (Under 62KG). Ana Rodrigues won the final fight in the Brown/Black Professional Light Featherweight (Under 55KG).

Fabricio Andrey won the final lightweight professional black belt by 2 points (Under 69KG). Lucas Protasio won the final fight as a Professional Welterweight Black Belt (Under 77KG).

Julia Alves won the final fight in the Light Professional Brown/Black Belt category (Under 62KG). Thalyta Silva won the final fight. Professional Middleweight Brown Black Belt (Under 70KG).

Gabrieli Pessanha won the gold medal at the professional brown belt (up to 95kg) after facing Yara Soares.

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