Diamonds in the rough

“The universe is going through yet another great awakening and if you fail to understand and learn all the deaths of our loved ones and people we admire will be in vain. We are living in a truly dark moment right now but selfishness is so prevalent that few people notice. Understand the time has come for people to unite regardless of color, race, or religion. It’s time for people to stand up and realize we only have ourselves.”
Diamante Bruto Social Project

Brazil’s population of more than 209 million people and a president that is adamantly protesting quarantine has reported more than 91,000 confirmed cases and 6,300 deaths.

A look out of the window in the typical favela will tell you why. Residents are out and about on the streets, mostly without masks, forced to work due to lack of consent from employers to remain in quarantine or fear that they will not receive a much need salary to feed their families.

Quarantine is a luxury that residents of the favela can’t afford.

That’s why athletes from Diamante Bruto in Sao Paulo have been distributing food baskets and hygiene supplies to families throughout the CDHU community.

On Saturday, with the help of other community organizations like Instituto Acao Geral and CUFA, they were able to deliver supplies to over 150 families.

Follow Samabaia and the Diamante Bruto social project on Instagram for more pictures from CDHU in Sao Paulo.


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