Black Belt the Movie Starring Fernando Terere

Terere is known for his charming personality and explosive guard passing. His talents opened up opportunities for him that no other athletes from the favela ever enjoyed, but you rarely see his name in the headlines.

Some federal charges and an interesting story involving drugs and mental illness have a lot to do with that. Since 2006, Terere has been banned from the U.S., so you won’t see him at Worlds, and you can’t invite him to the states for a seminar. The only way to train with the legend is to travel to Rio or catch him when he is visiting one of his European affiliates.

Until now that is.

Instructor Buda, Jonathan Azevedo, and head coach Fabricio Silva at Terere Kids Project
Instructor Buda, Jonathan Azevedo, and head coach Fabricio Silva

Rumors had started in 2019 about a movie starring the legendary athlete, but Terere made no reference about it in any posts or interviews. In fact, he had been off social media, out of contact with film producers for most of the year!

Jonathan Azevedo training with Buda at Terere Kids Project

Recently, however, Terere has been in Rio alongside his staff at Terere Kids Project preparing the actors for their roles in the first major BJJ film directed by Caco Souza.

 The movie is definitely happening!

Filming starts on the 25th of November in Rio de Janeiro and will include the portrayal of a lot of major names in jiu-jitsu and MMA.


The movie includes a lot of big names in BJJ and MMA that have been influenced by Terere.

Fernando Terere

The champion will be portrayed by Brazilian actor, Jonathan Azevedo, who has been preparing for the role in the movie by training with the staff from the FT academy in Ipanema.

Leandro Martins

Leandro Martins, Terere’s cousin, played an essential role in helping the FT team become what it is today. This role will be portrayed by Brazilian actor Jefferson Brasil.

Alan Finfou

Alan “Finfou” Nascimento, who now resides in Sweden with his family, will be played by Raphael Logam, who was recently nominated for an Emmy.

Other people athletes with acting roles in the movies are Eduardo Telles, Lucas Lepri, Alexandre Paiva, and Fabio Gurgel.

Eduardo Telles and Fernando Terere

We’ve also been able to confirm several fight scenes that will be included in the movie with Alexandre Viera, Felipe Cabocao, Rodolfo Trator and Andre Galvao. Galvao is a student from back in the TT days, and the privilege to play Galvao in a fight scene was recently given to Cantagalo Cria and Cicero Costha black belt, Natan Chueng.

Eduardo Telles and Natan Chueng

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