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WNO with Rico Staton

Posted on January 28 2020

WNO with Rico Staton

Rico Stanton climbed his way to a dominant position in the purple belt ranks while balancing the normal high school struggle of getting good grades, buying the nicest shoes, finding the cutest girlfriend, and deciding what major to study in college.

The 18-year-old purple belt enrolled in a local college right after graduating high school in May of 2018. On top of training full time, Rico is currently studying graphic design, a major that he plans to incorporate into his love of jiu-jitsu.
His goal in jiu-jitsu is to be memorable, and that means making an impression both on and off the mats.
"I want to implement my style and show people I'm off this planet," he says. An idea that inspired the name to his brand. Over the past year and a half, Rico has been working to launch his own clothing brand called Astrologi.
His next match will be on Flograppling’s #1 tournament on February 8th, in California against Robin Bohlin from Atos/AOJ.


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