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Rico Staton's New Hustle

Posted on April 26 2020

Rico Staton's New Hustle
TLI purple belt Rico Staton has been using his time off the mats to make moves in some other departments. 
As you may have already seen on Instagram, Staton is working on designing and launching his own clothing brand called "ASTROLOGI".
The brand is a representation of Staton's, "Out of this World" jiu-jitsu style that is characterized by a fast pace and explosive moves. 
In addition to launching Astrologi, Staton has also been studying graphic design. So after quarantine, you can expect to see some cool new things popping up with the production of the Flash Challenge on Instagram.
If you want to know more about the Astrologi line or how to get your own hoodie you can DM him on Instagram.


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