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Brazil's Gangs Fight COVID-19

Posted on May 24 2020

Brazil's Gangs Fight COVID-19

When asked by a journalist how he was managing the Coronavirus in his country, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonero's answer was simply: 

“So what? What do you want me to do?” 

He acts as if the matter isn't serious, but since the first cases of the virus were recorded on February 25, 2020, the country has risen to have the highest number of cases in Latin America (105 222 cases and 7288 deaths as of May 4).

The president has not only disregarded the poor and vulnerable populations he continues to disseminate confusion and fictitious beliefs with statements that Brazilian's natural inclination towards athletism will protect them from the virus.

Gangs Take Actions in Communities

Rio's mayor has been fighting to enforce quarantine and prevent the spread of the virus, but these efforts aren't nearly enough to protect and provide for residents of the favelas. Many of whom are dealing with unemployment and a resulting inability to pay for the sanitation supplies needed to keep themselves safe from COVID-19. 
Brazil’s gangs, however, were quick to implement lockdown procedures and start distributing hand sanitizer in an effort to protect residents from the spread of the virus. 

This mini-doc from Redfish highlights the extent to which gang members from Rio's favelas are trying to protect their communities from the Coronavirus.  

Gangs vs Government

It’s not a matter of being for or against the police and/or drug traffickers.

It’s a matter of understanding that there is a problem in society and that people are losing their lives because of these problems.

We are trying to attack police nor are we trying to defend drug trafficking, we are trying to show people what the problem is and who is on the front lines looking for solutions.




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