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  • Brazil's Gangs Fight COVID-19

    May 24 2020

    When asked by a journalist how he was managing the Coronavirus in his country, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonero's answer was simply:  ...

  • Street Art and Arte Sauve in São Paulo

    May 17 2020

    "The real revolution, evolution and change in the favelas comes through education, culture, and sport. Those who live in the periphery d...

  • My Mind Map with Tim Spriggs

    May 13 2020

    During Quarantine, virtual training has become the new normal, but what exactly is that supposed to look like? I've never been one to stu...

  • BJJ Scouts Interview on Fernando Terere

    May 08 2020

    This is the re-release of an article written by ANDREW MORRIS (aka MOZ) for the Original Terere Kids Project blog while he was living an...

  • Diamonds in the Rough

    May 04 2020

    ~ "The universe is going through yet another great awakening and if you fail to understand and learn all the deaths of our loved ones ...