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Episode 55: Malachi Edmond/ Magic Man Meals

Posted on June 22 2020

Episode 55: Malachi Edmond/ Magic Man Meals


This week on the BJJ Goons Podcast Tim Spriggs and Nico Ball have a fellow teammate and TLI black belt Malachi Edmund on the show to talk about what he has been up to during lockdown.

When he's not competing Malachi is eating.

On this episode, Malachi talks about what it was like starting martial arts at 5 years old (spoiler alert: he ain't like it) and how his mom's unique cooking style inspired him to try his own luck in the kitchen (spoiler alert: he ain't like her food either).

You would think that would be super offensive but the Magic Man definitely has a way with words!

He also talks about jiu-jitsu back in the day when you could find big names competing at Nagas and what it was like getting into the medal round at Worlds as a brown belt.

Check out the full episode on the BJJ Goons Youtube, Itune, Spotify, and Stitcher.

And make sure to check out Magic Man Meals on Youtube!


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